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💪 #JuneStudyJam

Do you want to make better art? Well let's learn how to make better art, together!

Starting in just a couple days, #JuneStudyJam begins. It's an opportunity to spend the month creating a daily study habit and will help to vastly improve your work. I haven't found a better way to grow as an artist than studying every day.

To help encourage us all this month, I'm doing a free daily email list! I'll send out the first one to everybody on the 1st, just to give you a sample and another opportunity to get on board, but to get them for the whole month you'll have to sign up. So don't forget to do that.

📧 Daily emails for the month of June

📷 Free reference images

ğŸŽ¨ Art inspiration & encouragement

🛠 Tools & resources

🤼 Discord channel to share your work with other studying artists

🔮 Other stuff maybe?

Click here to sign up for daily #JuneStudyJam emails

Thanks again for your support and I hope you get a lot of studying done this coming month! Let's make some amazing art together. ♥


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