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#JuneStudyJam begins!

Let the studying commence!

I'm sending this email out to everyone but unless you're signed up for the (free) mailing list for #JuneStudyJam, you won't be getting any more. I just figured maybe seeing what you'll be participating in this month might entice a few folks to join us. There's over 500 people already on board, so I hope you hop on the study train too!

Be sure to join the Art Camp discord channel so you can share your work with other jammers (I just made that up). And of course share your work on social media and tag us on instagram so we can share your work with our followers!

Good luck this month and I hope you learn a ton! 💪


P.S. This would be a great time to watch my youtube video on how (not) to practice art

Figure Reference of the Day

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If you click "view content" at the bottom of this email, you can download these images in all of their high resolution glory.

Landscape Reference of the Day

Tip of the Day: Get your space ready for work

A good space makes studying easier. And anything that makes studying easier is a huge help for all of us. Studying is hard enough without trying to fight your workspace!

Clean your area, charge your devices, get your favorite pencils/pens/brushes ready to go. If you can, leave a piece of paper (or a document in Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, or whatever you like to work in) set up and ready to be drawn on.

Sometimes the act of getting set up is enough to make studying feel like a drag. Those little bits of resistance can make starting so much harder. And starting is often the hardest part.

Inspiration of the Day

Hua YeCai

Quote of the Day

"Good drawing is neither an accident nor the result of an inspired moment when the Muses lend a guiding hand. Good drawing is a co-ordination of many factors, all understood and handled expertly, as in a delicate surgical operation." - Andrew Loomis

Resource of the Day

moderndayjames's youtube channel

James does some incredibly good videos on drawing. He helped me a lot with learning figure drawing and I highly suggest you check out some of his videos if you never have. You'll learn a lot.

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How to spot bad art reference

Paint Figures Better - Kickstarter campaign has just launched!

💪 #JuneStudyJam

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